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July 6th and 7th

20% off all AMMO

10% off Everything Else

Quality equipment in stock for handgun, rifle and shotgun reloading, from presses to scales. Hillbilly Shootin Irons also has measures, case trimmers and so much more.

Fostner, RCBS, Lyman just to name a few. Plus there are over 100 sets of new and used dies, shell holders, MEC powder, bushings and parts to make sure your reloading needs are met.

Did you know that Hillbilly Shootin Irons offers new and used brass for both common calibers and a lot of hard to find calibers all ready to load? We offer 1000's of old style Winchester AA 12 gauge hulls too.

Don't forget about the 110 calibers on the shelf ready to for sale and over 180 calibers offered on custom orders. 

If you don't see what you are looking for just ask Russ and he will work on making it for you.

Without a doubt Hillbilly Shootin Irons is the areas largest ammo supplier, more calibers and lots of bullet combo for you. Currently offering in store specials that are only there till they sell out, quantity is limited so stop by and check them out.

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In 1990, Russ started Hillbilly Shootin Irons in the Pocono Mountains of PA. Since that time the business has grown and moved to its current location of Slatington, Pa. Russ has grown from doing about 12 calibers, to nearly 180 calibers of custom hand loaded ammunition. At the store The Hillbilly also stocks both new and used reloading equipment, as well as ready to load brass and over 100 sets of used dies. Russ also uses his own hard cast bullets and will never sacrifice quality to produce quantity. 

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