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Custom, Hand Loaded Ammunition

 Hillbilly Shootin Irons offers custom, hand loaded ammunition, but what does that mean. The biggest difference between reloaded ammunition and true hand loads is that most reloaded ammo is done on a progressive or automated machine while hand loaded ammo is loaded one round at a time. The extra steps taken when making a hand load ensures that they are more consistent than a traditional reload. Every case is trimmed to the length and inspected, every powder charge is weighed on a scale, and it's much more consistent for the bullet seating depth to be the same from round to round.

Handloading is an art that allows the creator to make either less expensive ammo or in regards to the work done by Hillbilly Shootin Irons owner Russ Unangst it is used to make custom-specifications. The key to accuracy is finding what bullet and what powder your firearm likes and then making every round as exact as possible to each other. This can take some trial and error, but it will pay off in the long run. not to mention that Russ has won many combat style matches and several sporting clays shoots all using his handloads. Plus all loads will pass the rules of the shooting rules for IPSC, IDP, SASS, PPC, High power bench rest and the trap, skeet and sporting clays competion. 


Made to Order

 Custom specifications can mean anything from the amount of powder being used, the brand or weight of the bullet to creating the best combo. Hillbilly Shootin Irons starts with once fired or new brass and brand name components such as CCI and Winchester primers. Hillbilly Shootin Irons also works with high-grade powder brands from Hodgon, IMR & ATK, previously known as Hercules. In some cases Russ will reform the brass shell to make it into a different caliber for you. As some shells are expensive to buy or out of production that is one reason he can offer older calibers you won't find else where, along with many military calibers loaded with bullets for hunting not just FMJ bullets the military must use. He even stocks ammo for the Cowboy shooters with bullets and loads that meet SASS rules.

Sometimes custom rounds are used for things like better bullet performance, while other times it may just mean adapting the power for a younger shooter. Russ has taken several custom orders from women who are just looking for something a little lighter, so they can enjoy the same sport, but with a little less effort. Rifle calibers are often custom loaded using brands such as Hornady, Sierra, Nosler & Barnes, while Russ casts his own bullets for the handgun loads. Many customers over the years have commented on how his hand loads work better and provide more accuracy than even the big name  brands. 


Hillbilly Promise - Custom Ammunition

If the word of mouth from loyal Hillbilly Shootin Irons customers isn’t enough to make you want to give Russ's ammunition a try then keep in mind that many of the loads that Russ sells in the store are the same ones he uses in his own firearms. This gives Russ the ability to test the ammunition's performance and adapt the customization and actually tailor the bullet to your situation.

To top it all off, Russ will guarantee his ammo to fit and function properly in your firearm. While he can’t guarantee how well YOU can shoot, there are plenty of customers that return time and time again that will tell you what Russ makes works.

If learning to load your own ammunition is more in line with your needs please know that Russ is here to help you with reloading supplies as well. Ammo reloading is a great way to get more "BANG" for your buck and he has an easy to access storefront located on Main Street in Slatington.