Did you know Russ has used reloading equipment too?


With presses starting at $35.00 and MEC shotgun presses starting at $100.00 Hillbilly Shootin Irons is the place to get your reloading equipment needs.

Russ also carries a lots of used die sets and single dies as well as a lot of other used equipment like powder measures, scales and parts for some machines. Not to mention he has 1000's of ready to load brass on hand. The ready to load brass is fully resized and sorted by headstamp. He carries rifle brass too which is trimmed and ready to use. With all the cleaning and prepping done for you, just add a primer, powder and your bullet and you are on your way to manufacturing your own custom reload ammo. 

As always Russ keeps his prices fair and below those of online brass shops and since you are purchasing locally you not only support a small town business you also save on shipping cost. 

Do you have reloading equipment, dies or brass you no longer want? Russ at Hillbilly Shootin Irons buys that too.From one piece to full loading setups Russ has been know to even buy out other stores in the past. If you are worried about old ammo that you just don’t know what to do with, bring that on it and Russ will make sure it gets disposed of properly and safely. 

Russ also will repair your press or completely rebuild it like new. He is a MEC repair dealer and stocks the most common parts that wear out or break. Call or stop in with your items. If you have a lot of items just ask Russ will be happy to come out and see what you have to sell and make you a cash offer.